Mosquito Solutions


Mosquitoes are an incredible nuisance.  Not only are they extremely bothersome, they carry diseases, like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis, that can be a potential health risk to your family and pets with just one bite.  The risk now is even greater with more aggressive species, like the Asian tiger, which feed all day and not just at dusk and dawn.

360 Pest Solutions Inc. can come to your home and give a comprehensive overview as to simple solutions that you can do. We then can apply a barrier to prevent mosquitoes from nesting in and around your home guaranteed. We use safe products that will last up to a full month. You look forward to going outside in warmer weather, so why not enjoy it all year long. Typically mosquito season is from April-October depending on the weather, but we can provide protection all season long by coming once a month at a very affordable rate.

mosquito foggingHaving an outdoor event, wedding, or barbecue? Call us, we can do a one-time application to rid those annoying pest for mosquito free enjoyment that’s totally safe!

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