Termite Solutions

subterranean termiteIn the United States, termites cause damage to millions of homes every year.  They cause billions of dollars in damage, more than fires and floods, and is rarely covered by homeowners insurance.  They can be found in every state except Alaska, so it is important to have protection against them.


360 Pest Solutions Inc. can come to your home to inspect it for termites and possible damage caused by subterranean termites.  Our inspections are extremely thorough, not just a quick check.  We also check for loose ducts and leaking pipes, which homeowners are usually not aware of as it is not a normally checked place.


If we locate any termite activity in your home, we can offer solutions to get rid of them for good! We use Termidor, which is the leader in termiticide products today.  It has a 100% success rate, giving your home many years of protection.  Termidor is a non-repellant, has no odor, and is safer than a lot of your household cleaning products.  Our termite treatments are very affordable and will give you peace of mind.  We also offer  borate wood treatments and baiting systems depending on your structural situation.



Protect your home!  Call for an inspection today.